Here's some of my work as a freelancer and beyond. It's always good to hear about new opportunities, so do contact me if you'd like to work together.

Alexander McQueen
Website Pitch
Art Direction / Design

With Moving Brands, I helped to create two routes to pitch for Alexander McQueen. The aim was to revise the current site and improve the buying and sharing process. Route one retains a galleryesque feel to present the detail in the fashion as the works of art that they are. The more you interact with the site the more information you recieve. The second route explores the detail in full - dynamically pulling out inspiration and detail of each peice. The pitch was very well recieved but the project was pulled sadly.

Snowfriends site redesign
Co Art direction / Co Design

Working with fellow designer Daniel Hutchinson, we teamed up to help Moving Brands redesign a Swiss snow hub for telecoms giant Swisscom. The site is very functional, pulling in the latest sport news from the slopes, interviews with the sports stars, as well as creating a social hub where users can follow friends, plan trips and more. We opted for a modular system that refreshes new content on arrival.

Future of television site
Art direction / Design

I worked with Pirata and CHI & Partners to realise an abstract idea of what the future of television might be. We asked the public to submit their ideas for TV apps, as Samsung launched their new range of future tellys. I kept the design simple but functional, creating a sense of dimension and intuitive interaction. Far out.

Street boutiques 01
Street boutiques 02
Street boutiques 03
Website Redesign - Pitch work
Art Direction / Design

I worked with RAPP on this pitch. Together with copywriter Hayley Morris, we concepted an online market place called Street Boutiques. Four areas of London, four different London looks that the audience could follow and even purchase. Each boutiques refreshes regularly with new up-and-coming fashion by local designers. We got through to the final round on this but sadly we were pipped at the post. I stand by this work though. I think it would have been a great move for the brand to create a tangiable experience that the audience could really engage with.

Website / Brand
Art Direction / Design

A small site design to promote Feldenkrais. Balance and clarity of information are key to explain the method to new clients. The site is being built currently.

Kingston 1
Kingston 2
Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture Website
Art Direction / Design

Kingston wanted a refresh to entice more students and bring things up-to-date.

The solution was a set
of templated designs, that publicised the vibrant student life inside the faculty. A blog updates regularly with faculty news, we learn about staff and students through the new profiles section and it's all wrapped up a nice tidy design.

Moscow Youth Cult
Director / Editor


The wonderful Moscow Youth Cult commissioned me to create a video piece for thier track Love>Lore. I took the theme of juxtaposition and filtered it through a fictitious dark mind. All shot on Canon 7D in Iceland and Paris with the odd piece of found footage thrown in.

Channel One
Music video

Together with Peter Heron, Douglas Belford and dancer Abbey Block, we created an expressive dance peice to evoke beauty and tension to compliment Channel One's great track 'Sobresaut'. Apart from some timeline alteration in the edit, all effects were in-camera on a Canon 7D.

Click the image or the link below to see the video.

Website / Brand
Art direction / Design

I was approached by film director Arthur Landon to design a logo to work for a record company he is establishing. He also asked me to rework the logo to encompass his film company and create an online portfolio. The results were simple, originally based on a wave and grooves of a record, but simple enough to work across another genre of meaning.

Rap battle game

Working with design company Imperial Leisure, I designed an interactive game where Eminem fans could test their knowlegde of his lyrics to win themselves prizes. This was designed to promote the release of Eminem's album 'Recovery'. The look was designed to feel gritty and urban, whilst keeping a strong leaning toward a gaming aesthetic.

Idle Hands
Arthur Landon
Idle Hands - Film Poster Artwork
Art Direction / Design

After working with Arthur Landon on his previous short film The Crossing, I was asked to create artwork for another short film of his entitled 'Idle Hands'. This short was a black comedy based in a small cafe in a land where seemingly nothing happens until the protagonist's curiosity gets the better of him that is.

The Crossing
Arthur Landon
The Crossing - Film Poster Artwork
Art Direction / Design

I was approached by film director Arthur Landon to create poster artwork for his short film 'The Crossing'. I opted for a pastiche on propaganda artwork to portray the undertones in the short as an affluent Hungarian family try to escape the clutches of communism by crossing the border.

Too Pure - Friendship
Too Pure - Die Die Die
Too Pure
Friendship / Die! Die! Die! 7"
Art Direction / Design

I was approached to create sleeve and disc art for a split 7" single by the band Friendship. I took the opportunity gladly and decided to use some of my photographic work as decoration. The band were so pleased that I won the artwork on the flip side of the single for the Die! Die! Die! track too. I'm rather proud of the results, as were the bands. It sounds as good as it looks too.

Walkers 1
Walkers 2
Walkers 3
Walkers' Sandwich Website

Walkers wanted to promote their celebrity filled town online. I worked with a team of art directors at AMV to stich together the perfect Sandwich. The brief was to create a hyper real version of Sandwich and keep the feeling fun and light in tune with Walkers branding. Two photoshoots and some photoshoppery all worked out rather nice in the end.

Gerrard 1
Gerrard 2
Gerrard 3
Jessica Nails Pitch
Art Direction / Design

As part of a wider pitch for Gerrard International, I contributed designs for a site revision of Jessica, Gerrard's nail polish company.

I wanted the art direction to be associative with fashion and colour. Keeping the site modern and fresh with simple photography, using the polish as a 'splash' of colour. I presented this along with other work
to win Tonic the pitch.

Berr 1
Berr 2
The Risk Landscape
Art Direction / Design

BERR appointed Tonic
to pitch, devise and design a map of Public Risk. The complex system of influencers led to developing a simple design kit. This simplistic approach won us the job.

I then went to on to
art direct the project, over-seeing a designer to develop the diagram. The print work was also devised into an interactive website, so that members of BERR could build their own risk landscapes.

Sony 1
Sony 2
Sony 3
Soundville Experiments
Art Direction / Design

Working as part of a larger design team on the project, I was tasked with developing some interactive sound experiments in The Science of Sound and The Engineering of Sound sections. The designs needed to make abstract experiments feel fun and simple to use.

Yoomi 1
Yoomi 2
Yoomi Website
Art Direction / Design

Yoomi is a company
who have created an ingenious baby bottle that heats it's own milk. So I designed these screens to demonstrate how beautiful we could make their product look online. The concept was to keep the visual language simple, warm and friendly. Muted tones and clean design, makes the product sing and
I illustrated step-by-step instructions to show users how easy it is
to use the product.
The next page simply displays all of the key features.

The design was passed onto another design before it went live, so looks a little different now, but I just wanted to show these designs, as
I like them.

Sony 1
Sony 2
X Series Interface
Art Direction / Design

I had the great task to design a touchscreen interface for the X Series Walkman. The designs had to be functional as well as fit people's fat fingers. So the end designs were nice and simple.

Toshiba 1
Toshiba 2
Toshiba 3
Qosmio Website
Art Direction / Design

Tonic were asked
to demonstrate 'The Magic of Qosmio', Toshiba's latest laptop range at the time.
I conceived and designed a futuristic
land where technology morphs around you,
the user. The metallic form, changes shape
to express the benefits
of Qosmio, giving a sense of intrigue about the product. On click through of a section, the product is revealed with details of specific features.

Sony Ericsson 1
Sony Ericsson 2
Sony Ericsson 3
Sony Ericsson
Walkman Worlds
Art Direction / Design

Sony Ericsson needed
to promote a range
of Walkman phones,
A world was created
for each phone. The objects, music and animation gave each phone it’s own personality. Users could also create their own world and download
it as an mp3 player.
The site was a success for Sony Ericsson, gaining 80,000 hits
in the first two weeks,
and it also won Dare
a Campaign Award in 2008, and a nomination for a Webby Award. Lovely stuff.

Magnum 1
Magnum 2
Magnum 3
My Magnum Website
Art Direction / Design

After winning the Magnum account for Dare, I took the ideas through to completion
of My Magnum. The site needed to promote all of Magnum's flavours, so to get people's taste buds going, I developed an experience for each one, all based around five minutes of indulgence, all enveloped in a chocolaty interface.

In-store screens
Art Direction / Design

The screens were part of a pitch for Ikea, designed to encapsulate Ikea’s informal personality, and to promote in-store offers. Although we didn’t win the pitch, the client did express that they would have gone live with these screens as they are and I’m still proud of the work.

Click on the images
to view the animations.

Nabs 1
Nabs 2
Nabs 3
The Big Bash Website
Art Direction / Design

The Big Bash is Nabs' annual auction. They required a site to display their auction items, with the ability for users to bid online. Loosely based
on the above the line work, I created these simple templates to display the items. Thus, hopefully proving, that functional HTML doesn’t have to look dull.

Advertising 1
Various projects
Art Direction / Design

Here are a selection
of screens from various online advertising campaigns.

Personal Work 1
Personal Work 2
Personal Work 3
Personal Work
Word Blindness
Art Direction / Design

I concepted, designed and produced a box-set of books that use typographic exercises and paper mechanics
to convey Dyslexia
to an average reader. Each book tackles a different aspect that affects someone with Dyslexia.